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Cosmetic laser iridoplasty is a procedure for eye color change laser surgery. This noninvasive laser procedure combines eye mapping, eye tracking, and a frequency-doubled Nd:YAG laser to capture, track, and change the color of the iris safely and effectively.
Our team of experienced ophthalmologists provides effective procedures to change the eye color, offering the latest in laser eye color change procedures. Visit or contact us for a consultation and find out if laser eye color change surgery is right for you to bring your eye color to the desired color.

Eye color change laser surgery

With a noninvasive laser surgery it is possible to change the color of the eyes from brown to green, blue or gray eye color. The method of employing a unique iris selective laser which targets the pigment cells is the most effective standard for permanent eye color modification. The dark-pigmented cells of the iris are activated with this approach, and the pigment density is lowered or completely removed to achieve iris clearance. Other ocular organs, on the other hand, are not harmed during this operation. It has been effectively utilized to transform brown eyes into green, blue or gray eye color. Laser eye color change surgery consists of 8 laser application treatments over the course of 8 days, including an optical examination before surgery at the clinic in Istanbul. This procedure consists of one laser application every day lasting 10 minutes, and the price for the eye color change laser surgery is 3500€.



We offer a comprehensive examination to determine your suitability for laser eye color change surgery. This includes measuring the degree of your eye color as well as pre-operative tests using specialized optical equipment.



To make an booking for a consultation appointment or schedule a reservation for the eye color change laser surgery visit our schedule booking section and fill out the form to book an appointment and receive general information, terms and more.



After a successful confirmation of the schedule reservation, you can proceed to organize your travel arrangements, hotel reservations and travel planning. If you need help, our team is available to help and support you in organizing your trip.



Upon arrival at the clinic and a personal meeting, there will be an introduction to the procedure and a pre-operative optical examination, followed by the first application of the laser to change the color of the eyes.

It is a procedure that by using a low energy laser removes the pigment from the iris of the eye to change its color. This method is a noninvasive, quick, outpatient that involves the use of a special iris selective laser which removes pigment and changes the eye color from brown to green, blue or gray color.

The color change is achieved by removing the brown pigment from the anterior layer of the iris. Once this layer disappears, the eye acquires a green or blue-gray color.

Until now, selecting light brown eyes we have seen that 1 to 2 sessions are enough to achieve an iris clearance and 3 to 5 sessions for darker color grades.
You should stay in Türkiye 8 days for eye color change laser surgery. Close follow-up of patients is important. If you have darker eyes, you can visit us second time for 8 sessions again after 2 weeks. Each day 1 session can be performed.

Here you can book general information, terms, and more.

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