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The Fascinating Mystery of Eye Colors

The beauty of the eyes has captivated mankind for thousands of years, giving rise to famous expressions such as "the eyes are the mirror of the soul".

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Understanding Eye Color

The colored part of your eye is called the “iris”. This part of your eye is pigmented depending on your genetics, which will determine what eye color you have. Many babies have blue eyes when they are born and for most of their first year of life.

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Permanent Iris Color Change

In humans, iris pigmentation ranges from light brown to black, and, depending on how light scatters in the iris stroma through the Tyndall effect, the iris can appear blue, green, or hazel. Although the genetics of eye color is extremely complex..

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The Eye Color Chart

Scientists are having a tough time figuring out the exact set of genes responsible for a person’s eye color. This is not only because genetics is a difficult subject but also because there are many genes that code for a person’s eye color. In addition, these genes are believed to interact with each other in a complex way.

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How do we get our eye color

Humans get their eye color from melanin, the protective pigment that also determines skin and hair shades. Melanin is good at absorbing light, which is especially important for the iris, the function of which is to control how much brightness can enter the eyes.

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